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Cadillac Optiq: New all-electric luxe compact SUV

2025 Cadillac Optiq. [Credit: All images courtesy Cadillac]



Cadillac saw a 5% increase in young buyers over the past five years, and the company wants to keep that trend rolling with the introduction of the all-new Optiq electric vehicle (EV), which sports ample room for four, two electric motors, and luxury inside and out at a pretty reasonable price for a Caddy.

Optiq offers a sporty and youthful persona to the Cadillac EV portfolio. It joins Cadillac's growing EV lineup, which includes Lyriq, Escalade IQ, Celestiq, and something called the Vistiq that will be unveiled next year.

Optiq will offer two distinctive trims -- Luxury and Sport -- and the line will start at $54,000. First vehicles should hit showrooms in the fall.

Optiq will launch in standard dual-motor, all-wheel-drive form, contributing to a fun and athletic drive experience. The SUV has a 6-in.-shorter wheelbase (116 in.) than its larger (and much more expensive) sibling, the Lyriq. "With near-instantaneous torque, Optiq delivers a unique and spirited driving experience. The Ultium Platform allows us to fit enough muscle into a smaller package to provide a thrilling performance, delivering a sensation of isolated precision," said John Cockburn, chief engineer. The car's powerplant offers a Cadillac-estimated 300 hp and 354 lb-ft of instant torque. The battery is an 85-kWh pack.

Optiq's exceptional aerodynamic performance enables its Cadillac-estimated 300-mile driving range. The car's Ultium Platform and drive units, along with the use of low rolling resistance tires, also play an important role in the range of the vehicle. A vented rear spoiler, diffusers, and other sculptural elements enhance aerodynamics at the rear of the vehicle without compromising the pretty hip vehicle design -- which looks especially good in Monarch Orange. Fast charging can add up to 79 miles of range in about 10 min.

Optiq offers Regen On Demand, a driver-controlled braking feature that allows the driver to slow down or stop the vehicle with a dedicated, pressure-sensitive paddle located on the steering wheel. It also offers One-Pedal Driving, which allows the driver to slow down and stop the vehicle using only the accelerator under most driving conditions. The system also converts kinetic energy from the Optiq's forward momentum into electricity, which is stored in the battery pack for future use.

Drivers can switch between several drive modes, including Tour used for everyday driving, Sport for enhanced road driving and improved steering, Snow/Ice to prevent wheel spin, and My Mode, which personalizes the driving experience with adjustable braking responsiveness and steering feel.

The Cadillac design team has seamlessly blended sophisticated surfacing and technology, so the Optiq silhouette balances the visual agility of a fastback with distinctive Cadillac crossover EV styling. The vehicle sports ambitiously proportioned wheels and tires pushed out to the corners to emphasize the athletic character and size of the vehicle.

Other unique exterior design details include: a fixed-glass roof, a signature black crystal grille that incorporates the Cadillac vertical signature lighting and includes a laser-etched pattern for a high-tech feel, a unique rear-quarter panel window design that was achieved through a Cadillac-first precision pattern in acoustic laminate glass, and signature entry and exit lighting choreography.

The interior cabin experience was designed to be high tech, welcoming, and connected. Optiq packages interior spaciousness and luxury into a comfortable suite. Illuminated decor and embellishments add to the SUV's unique interior interpretation of Cadillac luxury, while the suite of in-vehicle technology features creates an intuitive experience.

A focus on innovative materials and a new approach to material application and placement creates a very progressive Cadillac interior. Optiq's patterned accent fabric is woven from yarn made from 100% recycled materials, and the vehicle's PaperWood veneer is made of equal parts of tulip wood and recycled newspaper.

Other interior highlights include: the segment best in cargo capacity and second-row spaciousness, a 33-in.-diagonal advanced LED display with 9k resolution projecting over 1 billion colors, and Super Cruise driver assistance tech standard utilizing high-def GPS mapping.

There are too many safety features to list here, but highlights include: standard safety and driver assistance technologies including Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Zone Steering Assist, Enhanced Automatic Parking, Forward Collision Alert, and several others. Optiq also boasts advanced radar, camera, and ultrasonic sensor tech to provide customers with enhanced views, sensing, and monitoring of their surroundings in a variety of everyday driving scenarios.

Optiq also features a standard 19-speaker AKG Audio System and Dolby Atmos.

Want to learn more? There are many more impressive features. Go to cadillac.com/electric/optiq.

Source: Cadillac

Published July 2024

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